Surfer Grrrls on Bandcamp, and a dreamy new postcard!


SurferGrrrls_Final_v2I am pleased to announce that all of the songs and videos from Surfer Grrrls Brazil are now available for download at my new bandcamp page,

AND I am THRILLED to be able to advertise it, with this AMAZING postcard, created for me by my wondrous friend Cat Byun. Her art is amazing, and I think it would be awesome if we could see it everywhere, so please check her out!

Life has been pretty exciting the last few months! I wrapped up some of the work I’d been doing with the Green Guard intergenerational environmental hip hop collaboration I started this Spring, I went surfing in Hawaii, and I have had opportunities to share the work I’ve been doing around surfing, environment, hip hop, and healing at Yale University and the Bioneers conference in California.  I’ve been teaching surf lessons through Brown Girl Surf, and I’ve also started up a new Brown Girl Surf Ocean program with Girls 2000, an afterschool program for girls in the Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco.  The adventure began through Surfer Grrrls Brazil continues, with new opportunities to make friends, share my love of the ocean through music and teaching, and build the community of powerful surfer grrrls here at home!

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