Surfer Grrrls Brazil would not be possible without our amazing supporters.

Matt Baxter up high in Yosemite. The Baxter Award, which launched me into the Surfer Grrrls Brazil project, was founded in his memory.

First of all a huge thanks to the Matt Baxter III Memorial Fund, the Baxter family, and the Baxter Award committee for giving me the opportunity to dream this journey and for supporting me in living it out.  I encourage everyone to try this exercise that the Baxter family encourages: dream your greatest adventure.  This alone can change you!   It is an honor to be a part of Matt’s legacy and to honor his spirit through my own adventures and work.  I hope that Surfer Grrrls Brazil can ride on that same surging life energy that lived in him: crisp and clear and bright as the heights of Yosemite.

Thank you to NatureBridge and TEEM for sending me off with love.

And an ENORMOUS thank you to all of you who so generously supported Surfer Grrrls Brazil, giving it wings so it can grow into something bigger.

A big shout out to the following supporters:

Krista Comer

Sarah Bridger

Farhana Huq and Brown Girl Surf (holla!!!)

Molly Barry

Trish Jenkins, Jeremy Smith and Cycle Farm in Spearfish

Fang Cai

Natalie Sekowski

Amy Osborne

Doris Ober

Sarah Enders

Nancy Shea

Beverly Cherner

Rachel Loud

Pat Kennelly

Qi Feng Lin

Nancy Bruneau

Tim and Tivani Wong

Rebecca Onion

Xiaoting Hou

Sam Sadin

Mary Rogalski

Josh Cohen

Jamie Laurie

Janardhan Manickam and Ruth Schmid (thanks Mom and Dad!)

Andrey Pfening

Samir Succar

Galen Peterson

James DeGolia

Kyle Williams

Rebecca Offensend

Alvaro Redondo Brenes

Stephanie Somersille (who is awesome and who I met in the airport shuttle!)

Karen Stamieszkin

Kate Boicourt

Colleen Murphy-Dunning

Sarah Charlop-Powers

Amy Brady

Tina Ludescher-Furth

Mira Edmonds

Anna Ruth Pickett

Dan Flanagan

Anastasia Vrachnos

Jaime Carlson

Alison Bridger

Eddie Gonzalez

Kristine Deni and Richard Levandowsi

Adrian Deveny

Ari Bain

Jesse, Bri, and Lucie Langille

Kira Gagne (my amazing sister!)

Patti Moore and P Rhumpa

Todd Gartner

Ed and Linda Schmid

Emily Enderle

Bella Gordon

Dirk Steckhan

Kara DiFrancesco

Natalie Ceperley

Jackie Smith

Laura Alex Frye-Levine

Daniel Steinberg

Elizabeth Kavanagh

Tara Moberg

Tamara Gagnolet

Aimee Danch

Drs. Meera and Bonnie Srivatsa

Brandon Whitney

Michael Deni

Diane Goff

Trisha Shrum

Pahoua Lee

Kristen Graf

Meg Arenberg

Jack Yeh

Steve Abatiell (fellow Baxter award recipient!)

Wenxian Yeo

Maryam Roberts

Julia Turner and Ben Wasserstein

Gary Apter

Emily Zastrow

Mark Zumwalt

Danny O’Grady

Reece McGowen

Pete Schmidt

Luis Montoya

Elizabeth and Jerry

Tim Eakins

Alice and Jim

Cristie Ellis

Fred Strebeigh

Dave Room

Kalila Feineman

Susana Borneo Funck, Hugo Truffel, and Daniel Funck

Also a big shout out to Princeton in Asia for endlessly nurturing my spirit of exploration!

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