Surfer Girl Festival


Recently I went on a very exciting surf adventure with two of my new friends, Aloha Maciel and Marina Rezende who are AMAZING surfers!  (Aloha, got her very cool surfing name from her Dad, who it turns out wasn’t thinking at all about surfing when she was born, but rather about the Elvis movie Blue Hawaii!)

Aloha and Marina were competing in the first ever all girls surf competition in Brazil, just north of Florianopolis in the state of Parana, and they invited me to go along.

I took some fun videos of the journey, but can’t yet edit them since my computer is still in the hands of Applecare Brazil.  (Unfortunately, after waiting 2 weeks for a new harddrive to be mailed from the U.S., I have just been informed that it actually needs a new logic board! Argggh.)  In the meantime, here are some pics from the journey.

Setting off in the early morning

A flat tire slows us down, but Aloha is on it!

Waiting for the ferry boat to take us to Guaratuba

The awesome woman who ran the “borracharia” where we got our tire fixed

The announcement booth for the contest. Pink is not my favorite color, but it was cool to see dudes running around in pink Surfer Girl Festival T-shirts all day.

On the day of the contest, the beach belonged to the girls

Competitors warming up before the start of the contest

Aloha gets her board ready for her first heat

Aloha in action! The waves were pretty small but the girls managed to get some good moves in.

The winners! (Thanks for the pic Tanapraia. My camera battery died). Marina (far right) came in first and Aloha came in third! I rode back starstruck in the car of champions…

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