In the water with a world champion!


Another amazing moment.  So today I decided to head to Praia Mole, because it is just so pretty in the late afternoon.  I am on a 2 week program of “taking it easy” after an episode of doing too many pull-ups.  I probably should have kept walking to the next beach over, which had smaller waves, more appropriate for taking it easy.  But the waves on Mole looked so fun!  I made a promise to myself and my tired shoulders that I would take it slow, even if it meant not catching much (which is exactly what it meant!).  Sometimes, just being out there is a gift in itself, and today was one of those days.

But I had an extra treat in store.  As I was floating around amidst the other surfers, another woman paddled up to join the line-up.  And it was none other than Jacqueline Silva — who, for those who don’t know, is a super amazing pro surfer who is on the ASP WORLD TOUR!!  (you have to be one of the best 18 surfers IN THE WORLD to be on this tour).  That’s a picture of her on the left!  You can also check out her website here.

She paddled right next to me, and was so nice and friendly when I nervously and excitedly introduced myself.  Then she proceeded to SHRED like crazy just about every wave that came her way.  It was completely amazing and inspiring to see her in action, and also really cool to encounter someone who is SO damn good at what she does and still totally open and kind, and willing to talk to a random American stuttering in Portuguese in the water next to her.  Maybe I can get her to be in one of my music videos?!

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