The beaches of Salvador

Farol da Barra beach - Tiny waves, awesome people, beautiful lighthouse at the very end.

Farol da Barra beach – Tiny waves, awesome people, beautiful lighthouse at the very end.

In every new place I go, I have to figure out how to get to the beach.  My first day surfing in Salvador I hauled my board unto the very bouncy and rackety bus to end up at Farol da Barra, a gorgeous beach at the tip of the city, with a historic lighthouse at one end.

This was an urban beach, very different than the beaches of Floripa, which are often surrounded by mountains and sand dunes.   I also realized how spoilt I’d gotten in Floripa.  The beaches of Salvador, while beautiful, do not boast the best or biggest waves on your average day.  But I am learning about Brazilian beach culture, which is how the rest of non-surfing Brazilians enjoy their coastline — lounging by their umbrellas, eating fried fish and any of the assorted delicacies brought over by the passing vendors, and drinking fresh coconut water while working on their tans.  I’ve been trying it out and its not bad at all.

Jardim da Alah beach at sunset

Jardim da Alah beach, from the water, in late afternoon

Later I found what would be my favorite surfing beach, Jardim da Alah.  I met an awesome vendor of coconut water named Fabinho, who works on the sidewalk by the beach and kindly watched my stuff (a major issue when on a solo surf adventure).  After my session, I learned that he was a friend of many local surfers who all left their stuff with him and hung out afterwards drinking coconut water.  He taught me how to use a PVC pipe to pump out water, guerilla style, from a municipal source on the edge of the beach, so I could get a freshwater shower before I got back on the bus.  Thanks Fabinho!

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