Girls’ day at the beach!

Less Corrupcao

The graffiti on the wall says, “Less corruption, More education.” And more surfing!
My favorite picture from my travels thus far!

One of my favorite days in Salvador was towards the end, when I went to the beach with two amazing women, Jazz and Adriana.

After one month surfing in Salvador, I still hadn’t met any other girl surfers.  This made me rather sad — I was told that this was partially due to the fact that the waves weren’t very good, and most of the girl surfers were down in Itacare where the waves are much better.  But still…

Jazz, who arrived from Oakland, CA the night before, and Adriana who lives down the road,

Heading to the beach with Jazz

Heading to the beach with Jazz

were willing to be my surfing companions on my last day in Salvador.  Jazz who is already a body surfer in California, braved the wild conditions and the steep shore break to try surfing on a stand up board.  As lu

With Adriana and Jazz.

With Adriana and Jazz.

ck would have it, we also met another Bahian surfer girl that day, Lorena, who was totally stoked to make our acquaintances.  Thanks to Adriana for taking some stellar pictures and video…

Heading towards our possibly ill-advised surf lesson. Jazz deserves a medal of honor.

Heading towards our possibly ill-advised surf lesson. Jazz deserves a medal of honor.

With Lorena, by Bahian surf sistah!

With Lorena, by Bahian surf sistah!

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  1. I’m so envious and inspired, to see you on my home turf! I was living and surfing right there, in Jaguribe from 2010-2012. I worked at the Escola panamericana in Patamares. In all my weekends surfing, I never met a single baiana surfista in the water, of course several of my girl friends surf out there, but it is definitely a male dominated sport. What are your travel plans? Did you go up to Itacimirim? (Its about 1 hour outside the city. The best best in Salvador are there!) and Itacare is a paradise, you must go and you’ll never want to leave.
    I will share your story with my friends in Salvador. You’re probably full of connections, but if you’re interested they have an amazing group of musicians that gets together every Friday night at the Camping Ecologico in Stella Maris.

    Boa sorte, bom viagem!

    • Hi Joy!
      It is so cool to hear from you! You totally made my day! How did you find out about my blog? I am so psyched to here that you have been out at Jaguribe repping for the surfer grrrls for the last two years. Too bad we missed each other! Where are you now?

      Thanks so much for your suggestions!

      I would love to go to Itacimirim. Alas, I don’t have a car, and only limited access occasionally to my host brother’s car, when I can convince him it is a good idea to go somewhere 🙂
      I DO plan to go to Itacare after Carnaval! Let me know if you have any surfer friends out here who might be interested in going. I’m trying to hitch a ride 🙂 And I would love to get in touch with your friends in Stella Maris. I am not sure if I can get over there on a Friday, but it seems like a laudable goal!

      Thanks again for your message. Oh, and, I am not sure if you’ve seen this, but I think you might like this video I made in Florianopolis and environs:


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